After leaving a career in education, Jason joined the Information Systems and Technology team at Judson University. There, he learned to administer university systems and to communicate with customers. As time progressed, his team also utilized his skills in web and graphic design to further support the university’s needs.

Jason then made his way to The MX Group, administering systems and working with customers on a daily basis. In addition to his customer-facing work, Jason was also responsible for creating Powershell, Bash, and Python scripts that assist in automating processes within the department.

After picking up the development bug at Judson and The MX Group, Jason made his way to Dealer Inspire, starting as Trainer, Developer but was quickly reallocated as the team’s Full-Stack Developer. As Full-Stack Developer, Jason has built several of the team’s websites, maintained the training team’s servers, and built and extended countless plugins. 

Outside of work, Jason enjoys spending time with his 1-year-old daughter Eleanor, picking up new hobbies (currently coffee, photography, and looping back to an interest in everyday carry), playing video games (Xbox and Steam Deck), closely following technology news — mostly via podcast (Accidental Tech Podcast, Connected, and The Vergecast), and listening to Actual Play Podcasts (The Adventure Zone, Dungeons & Daddies, and Dimension 20).